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Re: Bug#255930: apache-modconf fails to disable modules

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On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, C.Y.M. wrote:

> Package: apache-common
> Version: 1.3.31-1
> Change Request:  apache-modconf fails to disable modules in apache and
> apache-ssl
> For Example: When I type "apache-modconf apache-ssl disable
> mod_proxy_add_forward", the module is not removed from the modules.conf
> file.  Even though I was able to use "apache-modconf apache-ssl enable
> mod_proxy_add_forward" to insert the module successfully.

I cannot reproduce this problem here. Can you show me what is the output
on console using these few commands:

cat /etc/apache-ssl/modules.conf

apache-modconf apache-ssl enable mod_imap

cat /etc/apache-ssl/modules.conf

apache-modconf apache-ssl disable mod_imap

cat /etc/apache-ssl/modules.conf

and tell me which questions are you asked during this process?


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