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Bug#252678: downgrading severity

Please keep 252678@bugs.debian.org in CC.

On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Marcelo Toledo wrote:

> I am going to do this today. But you have to answer me something
> please. As I said in the last email I have a working version of apache
> going on.
> And after apt-get remove apache --purge and apt-get install
> apache it will not work (probably) but we're going to have the info we
> need, done.
> I send you the logs and thats all.


> But the current version
> of apache I had was working so, I would like to have it back, I would
> like to know where I can get this old version, is there a repository or
> something like this? I need to get packages so I can downgrade after
> grabbing your logs.

Take a backup of /etc/apache and you can use snapshot.debian.net to
retrive older version of the packages.


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