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Re: Bug#245412: preinst script does not stop apache, thus postinst fail

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Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:

| This is the log of my upgrade from -4 to -5:
| Fetched 1457kB in 0s (7059kB/s)
| Preconfiguring packages ...
| (Reading database ... 108795 files and directories currently installed.)
| Preparing to replace apache-utils (using
.../apache-utils_1. ...
| Unpacking replacement apache-utils ...
| Preparing to replace apache-common (using
.../apache-common_1. ...
| Unpacking replacement apache-common ...
| Preparing to replace apache (using
.../apache_1. ...
| Stopping web server: apache.
| Unpacking replacement apache ...
| Setting up apache-utils ( ...
| Setting up apache-common ( ...
| Setting up apache ( ...
| Installing new version of config file /etc/init.d/apache ...
| Replacing config file /etc/apache/modules.conf with new version
| Starting web server: apache.
| As you can see apache is stopped correctly.

I downgraded, then upgraded again : everything goes smoothly.
There must have been something wrong in my setup.

|>I don't understand why apache should only be stopped if version <=
|>1.3.28, so I can't provide a patch... :/
| You are looking in the wrong place. Please check:
| The first script called is prerm. The reason why the same code is repeated
| in preinst is to workaround a bug in woody packages.

Well, that makes far more sense ;)
Thanks for pointing that out.

I'm closing this bug as even I cannot reproduce it.

Best regards,

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