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Re: Bug#214916: update status for #214916

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Enrico Zini wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 11:36:36PM +0200, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> > 	I was waiting for some information from you but i didn't hear
> > anything for a long while now.
> > What should we do about this bug?
> Sorry: I'm been (still being?) superbusy and totally overlooked you.
> I understand that the big problem that remains is the awful list of
> module names.  I'd say let's retitle this bug and reassign it to
> debconf, asking for an interface that can allow choosing between items
> with short names and wrapped short descriptions.

OK, I think it is fine. Please can you do so?

> Not that debconf would be my favourite way to choose which modules to
> load, though, because if I dpkg-reconfigure apache I need to hit enter
> at quite a lot of questions, before and after getting to the modules
> selection screen.

This is related to your debconf priority setting and questions now are
asked much mre carefully than before. See also -5 changelog where we have
been working on this specific issue.

> Uhm uhm uhm... since you read the current configuration from the config
> files, and write it back in the config files, why is that question
> really needed?

It depends what you are doing.

On install it must ask.
On upgrade from versions that didn't support debconf it will ask.
On other upgrades it does not ask and if it does there is something wrong.
Reconfiguring the package it will ask (i consider this a special case).

For external packages it works slightly different:

On install it asks.
On upgrades if the module is enabled it does not ask.
On upgrades if the module is not enabled it asks (some sort of reminder
that there is an extra module there not in use).

>  There are already other ways of configuring apache if
> someone wants an interface (webmin comes to my mind).

webmin requires apache to work. Here we are talking about minimal set of
information required to install and start apache. Not highlevel config.

> Maybe it could be removed and replaced with an update-apache-modules
> script to be used by apache modules packages' config files?

modules-config has been renamed right in -5 to apache-modconf. No
automatic updates will be done to user config until the user himself will
not ask for it.

> Just wild, raw, uninformed guesses, though...

eheh guessed so ;)


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