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RE: Emails of PayPal customers


We are offering 2 email databases which allow to contact PayPal and e-Gold customers (both sellers 
and shoppers). 
These are individuals that buy and sell items using PayPal and e-Gold payment systems. 
(Please notice that 90% of PayPal customers are also customers of eBay.) 

These databases will be perfect for selling your products/services, because we are providing you
unique prospects who purchase and sell online more than anybody else! Besides, the data provided 
contains personal email addresses of only those PayPal and e-Gold members who were active 
(purchased or sold something) in the last 2 months.

PayPal - 406,000 records
e-Gold - 372,000 records
The databases will be delivered to you in any format of your choice (Excel, ASCII, CSV, etc.). 
By default they are provided in 4-6MB TXT files. 
New updates will be released quarterly.

The total price we are asking for both databases is $365. To place the order please fill out the form:

To contact me please email to service@gmthost.com (THIS EMAIL ONLY! DO NOT 'REPLY').

Please notice that we also maintain a variety of other b2b and b2c lists.

Tom Dullex

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