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Re: Bug#239416: Re: Bug#239416: apache: Apache failling to upgrade

Guys let's not confuse stuff around. There were 2/3 problems running

One was ucf 1.00 that has been fixed in ucf 1.02 and the other one appears
to be suexec. There is the possibility that apache does not get stopped
across upgrades even if there is a specific entry for it and I don't
understand why (yet).

The random warning i saw around from update-rc.d:
warning: /etc/rc3.d/S20apache is not a link to ../init.d/apache
are not an apache problem and I am sure about it 100% since that code
hasn't changed since and noone has been complaining about it
before, so i somehow doubt that all of a sudden that stuff broke down.

Now the only problem(s) left are the suexec and the possible stop of
apache before upgrades.

If you have any possibility to perform tests in these areas it would be
extremely important for me to have the reports back.. together with
configfiles and so on. Patches are even more welcome :-)


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