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Bug#239917: please create apache2 as dummy package isntead of virtual package

Package: apache2
Severity: wishlist

Currently apache2 is virtual package, which makes installing apache2
a daunting experience for a newbie.

kgb:~# apt-get install apache2
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
Package apache2 is a virtual package provided by:
  apache2-mpm-worker 2.0.48-8
  apache2-mpm-threadpool 2.0.48-8
  apache2-mpm-prefork 2.0.48-8
  apache2-mpm-perchild 2.0.48-8
You should explicitly select one to install.
E: Package apache2 has no installation candidate

Now, at this point, I had no idea what is a mpm and why should
care. After viewing the descriptions of all the above mentioned
packages, I'm still not 100% sure which one I should install. 

Something like :

Package: apache2
Depends: apache2-mpm-whatever-is-stablest | apache-mpm
Package: apache2-mpm-whatever-is-stablest
Provides: apache-mpm
Package: apache2-mpm-faster
Provides: apache-mpm

Would seem a lot more intuitive. 

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