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apache2-doc - why does it need its own access control?


Using apache2-doc 2.0.48-7 (and now -8) I was blocked from
accessing /doc/apache2-doc/manual/ on my own computer from
outside even though I configured all my /doc to be accessible.

After digging a lot I found that /etc/apache2/conf.d/apache2-doc
contains its own set of Allow,Deny rules which overrides the
general set.

My question is why is this necessary?  It's just a duplicate of
the general set. If I want all my /doc to be accessible from
ceertain hosts then why should I re-configure the same in
another file in addtion to sites-available/default?

It seems to me as a bug, but I wanted to ask you before I bother
you by filing a bug report.



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