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Bug#238607: apache: upgrade problem

* William Lynch (corsipo@comcast.net) wrote :
> The problem with the configuration file in conf.d not being read was
> that any file that has a space in it is not being read. probably not
> good for upgrading (used to be supported, and should be supported
> anywho).
Files with spaces in aren't valid anywhere else where a directory gets
included for config. (try it for /etc/cron.* or /etc/logrotate.d). We're
merely following the same semantics. 
A warning might have been appropriate, but given that only two people have
reported a bug, I don't think it was.

> I don't know about the ucf error though, if you would like, i can
> downgrade back down, and then re-upgrade with the different file names
> in conf.d to see how it responds.
Known bug in UCF. Will be fixed soon/now.

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