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Re: trouble with install APACHE-SSL

Hi Andres,
	re-reading your mail...

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Andreas wrote:

> Hi there,
> Hi
> i just installed new apache-ssl
> and can not enter into HTTPS site - i was use old config file ...and can`t
> i was there use auth files , group & users ...
> and i stert experimet with new package
> first - remove /etc/apache-ssl/

You shouldn't remove apache-ssl and apache-ssl/conf.d

They are configuration directories shipped with the package and apache-ssl
expect them to be there. On the other side you can remove all the files
inside them.

> and start install  again and i get this :
> after enter some parametrs ... was started create pem certificate and ...
> Using configuration from /tmp/24251.req
> Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key
> .++++++
> .............................................................++++++
> writing new private key to '/etc/apache-ssl/apache.pem'
> /etc/apache-ssl/apache.pem: No such file or directory

This is a consenquence of the above.

> STart Second time
> and  i was create /etc/apache-ssl
> the process of installing - has not finished success
> again has errors :
> Can't read /etc/apache-ssl/modules.conf

These files are created with a certain order during the installation. If
you try the second time it might cause this problem because it results to
be an upgrade and not an installation (and the postinst behave

> and get thie :
> Replacing config file /etc/apache-ssl/modules.conf with new version
>  cp -f /etc/apache-ssl/modules.conf.dpkg-inst.queue /etc/apache-ssl/modules.conf
> Can't read /etc/apache-ssl/conf.d
> No such file or directory
> Can't read /etc/apache-ssl/conf.d
> No such file or directory
> Configuration syntax error detected. Not reloading.

Same as the first problem. httpd.conf has an Include for conf.d that if it
is not there fails. Either you comment it out from httpd.conf or you
create the directory.

> try at 4 time :
> now i was create /etc/apache-ssl/conf.d/ dir
> and now all is ok
> i get
> Starting web server: apache-ssl.
> so ? what u think ? so installing is realy good ?
> i do not think so ...

The major issue is that you removed apache-ssl in the beginning but yes i
agree that can be improved to be more user experimentation safe.


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