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Re: Bug#135717: severity is incorrect

severity 135717 normal

Inflating severities when not necessary is quite annoying.

> The fact that the conf.d scanning code doesn't ignore .dpkg files can
> cause severe breakage when upgrading.

Feel free to provide a patch to support file exclusion. If upstream did
not implement it isn't Debian or my fault.

> (E.g., if you change the mod ssl config file apache will refuse to start
> the next time you upgrade because it tries to bind to port 443 twice,
> once in your config file and once in the .dpkg file.) Documenting this
> as a "feature" is not a sufficient response for breaking on a normal
> process (upgrading) within debian. The bug should arguably be critical
> for breaking unrelated software. (E.g., anything that is provided via
> the web server.)

This is already fixed in -2 that has been uploaded this morning. You are
running sid. Things can go wrong even if noone wants it.

Waiting for your patch

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