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Bug: debian/config_vars.mk installed staticly in all mpm packages

There is a bug in the build process for apache2 where by the static
debian/config_vars.mk is used in all mpm packages. This is incorrect as
the config_vars.mk is used by apxs2 and must contain changes for the
specific mpm build target. For example, in apache2-prefork-dev, the
installed config_vars.mk should contain MPM_NAME=prefork, but because
the static config_vars.mk is used, it contains MPM_NAME=worker, which is
incorrect. This breaks packages which use apxs2 to correctly generate
configs and Makefiles, such as php4.

The offending line is 152 in debian/rules where the static
config_vars.mk is installed. Either that line should be removed as the
preceeding one correctly copys the current mpm target's build directory
into the package or it should probably be patched rather then using a
static version.

Evan Webb // evan@fallingsnow.net

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