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Bug#229505: apache-ssl: post-installation script fails (still)

reopen 229505

On Sun 25 Jan 2004, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:

> 	this was a bug in ssl-cert that has been fixed in sid already and
> it should enter testing in a couple of days.

It's now March, and when doing a fresh install of testing on a box, I
still get this error:

7830:error:0D07A098:asn1 encoding routines:ASM1_mbstring_copy:string too short:a_mbstr.c:147:minsize=1

I left the organisationalUnitName field empty, it doesn't apply.

Versions involved:

ssl-cert 1.0-7

As it's still not resolved, I'm reopening this bug now.
If it belongs to ssl-cert, fine; reassign (although it's starting to
look like using ssl-cert is a bug in itself, if I look at the open bug
reports there).

Please don't close the bug before it's actually fixed...

Paul Slootman

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