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Re: Bug#235976: apache: Apache overwrites local configuration

Hi Allard,

On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, Allard Hoeve wrote:

> Package: apache
> Version:
> Severity: important
> Hello All,
> Whenever apache gets installed, reinstalled, upgraded or reconfigured,
> it overwrites my configuration in /etc/apache.

Yes and this bug is already fixed in our CVS.

> Perhaps my setup is a bit exotic, so I will explain the situation:
> I have several Apache servers that have mostly identical configurations.
> To reduce redundancy, we placed the configuration files on an NFS share.
> The local directory /etc/apache/ now contains a local.conf that contains
> any configuration directives that should remain local and a symlink from
> /etc/shared/apache/httpd.conf to /etc/apache/httpd.conf. The shared
> configuration file includes the local.conf file and all is well.

Thanks for sharing this "erotic" setup with us.. we never actually
considered the possibility to have httpd.conf as a symlink.

> This raises two questions:
> a) Should the apache postinst scripts overwrite a configuration file
>    with a new file with identical content?

No and this is already fixed in CVS.

> b) Should the apache postinst scripts remove a symlink and replace it
>    with a plaintext file?

No. and this is something we need to consider.

To avoid confusions you spotted 2 problems here:

a) configuration files are overwritten (that it will be fixed in the next

b) if httpd.conf is a symlink it will be replaced (and this require some
attention to us).


PS of course we will keep you informed

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