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Bug#234955: Apache2-common depencies inadequate

Package: apache2-common
Version: 2.0.48-7
Severity: important

apache2-common depends on ssl-cert. This is bad, as in the install
dialogs it is not clear from context that the user is asked questions
for his https config. Besides it is superfluous, as the created
apache.pem file is not referenced in the supplied config files.
In my case it is even annoying, as I already have my own working
certificate, and the apache.pem file is placed in the middle of my
certificate directories.

I therefore recommend removing the dependency on ssl-cert. As a
suggested package it is IMHO better referenced.

Apache2-common does not depen on any woker module. As it hardly usable
without one, it would be great to have an or'd depency on
(or any mpm modules that are to come) with the version of the mpms being
the same as apache2-common. As they are derived from the same source, it
is easy to extend the build script this way.

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