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Segmentation Fault after apache-ssl upgrade


	I have just apt-get upgrade'd my system (Debian testing) and seems like 
apache-* upgraded to version
	Apache restarted just right, but apache-ssl responds with segmentation fault:
max:/home/felipe/apache# /etc/init.d/apache-ssl start
Starting web server: apache-ssl/etc/init.d/apache-ssl: line 65:  2207 
Segmentation fault      start-stop-daemon --start --pidfile $PIDFILE --exec 

	There is one difference between apache and apache-ssl in this particular 
system: ssl is configured to interact with an Oracle database through Oracle 
client 8.1.7 and perl-dbi but it had been working fine for 2 years
	There's also something wrong with logs:
I found this at /var/log/apache-ssl/error.log.1:
[Sun Dec 28 06:25:21 2003] [notice] SIGUSR1 received.  Doing graceful restart

However, it doesn't seem to have restarted "gracefully" and both access.log 
and error.log are empty

	What else can I try? Sorry if I seem a little bit lost, but is the first time 
that apt-get is not going right.

	Thank you

Felipe Martínez Hermo
Servicios Informáticos
UGT Galicia

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