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Bug#219378: still having this problem

Hi Dave,
	thanks for the information but I still cannot reproduce this
problem and it makes debug quite difficult. I will see if i can dedicate a
machine to reproduce your setup sometimes when i will be back from


On Thu, 25 Dec 2003, Dave O wrote:

> I again tried to upgrade to 1.3.29 and this is still happening.
> I tried setting MaxClients down to 50 so as not to use a ridiculous number
> of resources, and found that after all 50 children had been spawned and
> used, no pages could be served.  Browsers could connect, but just waited
> for the request to be processed forever until the server is restarted.  It
> seems as if something is tying up each child and will not let it process a
> new request under 1.3.29.  This server runs mod_perl and mod_php, and did
> not have this problem under 1.3.28
> Apache is completely unusable in this state.

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