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Bug#224390: apache-ssl: SSLCacheServerPort: httpd.conf not updated

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Thomas R. Shemanske wrote:

> Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> |
> |
> | Hi Thomas,
> | 	this is simply not possible. neither now or in the future so it is
> | wontfix. There is no patch in the message.. did you forget to attach one?
> |
> | It is simply impossible to change a set back since there might be users
> | that are using that setup. The previous bug has been fixed meaning that
> | upgrading from woody to the actual release creates no breackage.
> |
> | If you can provide a safe patch and way to determine which setup is there
> | for a mistake and which one for a user choise i will be happy to add it to
> | the postinst.
> |
> | Thanks
> | Fabio
> Well I admit I am a bit confused.  The machine on which this happened
> was setup about 6 months ago, and has been sid from day 1.  The
> httpd.conf file I had listed SSLCacheServerPort 443

Well if you want to stay with sid you have to expect that sometimes things
goes wrong. It was a bug and it has been fixed.

> So at first glance it seems that
> SSLCacheServerPort /var/run/gcache_port
> is correct for all versions of apache-ssl

Yes that's correct.

> How I got the other httpd.conf entry is a bit of a mystery, but I surely
> can't be alone in this.

It was a bug in the postinst script for 1.3.28

> The "patch" was just to make sure the config file listed the correct
> option, but as you suggest this may present a problem.

It does now. "patch" means that you are including a real patch to solve
the bug.

> Perhaps you could pop up a debconf dialog box at least alerting people
> to a potential problem in configuration?

debconf is not meant to popup for every single bit of configuration. I
might add a note in suggested_correction.


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