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Bug#224259: apache: user not found in Basic authentication

Hi Garamszegi,

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 kgaramszegi@zeon.hu wrote:

> Hi Fabio,
>  my current modules.conf:


> Shall be any of these modules removed? Is there other places to
> allow/disallow modules?

No this looks fine but i just noticed:

> >> addmin:J/HrQ7c/b6bNQ
> >> jerry:jerry


can you login as addmin?? in order to add a username/password to pwd you
should use htpasswd.

> >> [Wed Dec 17 13:43:26 2003] [error] user jerry not found: /dev/admin

this happen to me as well if i use a wrong password but otherwise
everything work just fine.

> >>
> >> Apache does not complain, if the /etc/apache/pwd file is missing, and
> >> according to strace, it does not even touch it.

the passwd files are read on the flies by detached processes so perhaps
you might have missed it.


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