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Bug#223902: Bug#223810: Info received (was Bug#223810)

Hi Saku,
	thanks for tracking down the problem. I will upload a new version
today without the pam_limits support.

If you can be so kind to leave the bug closed we will avoid the usual
couple of tons of mails going around.


On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Saku Ytti wrote:

> The bug still persists, now the paths are correct but cgi's are still broken.
> [2003-12-17 08:37:07]: info: (target/actual) uid: (ytti/ytti) gid:
> (guru/guru) cmd: fortune.cgi
> [2003-12-17 08:37:07]: error: pam_open_session(): [6] Permission denied
> Changing to old suexec.disabled and it works a-ok.

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