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Bug#223576: More information on #223576


It turns out that modules-config is hanging during the call to
db_capb backup
in modules-config.

This is the end of a trace produced by adding a set -x to the top of 
++ set -- settitle SETTITLE
++ eval 'db_settitle () {
                echo "SETTITLE $@" >&3
                # Set to newline to get whole line.
                local IFS='\''
                local _LINE
                read -r _LINE
                # Disgusting, but it'\''s the only good way to split the line,
                # preserving all other whitespace.
                RET="${_LINE#[!         ][      ]}"
                return ${_LINE%%[       ]*}
++ set -- apache-ssl enable mod_python
++ unset _old_opts
+ db_version 2.0
+ echo 'VERSION 2.0'
+ local 'IFS=
+ local _LINE
+ read -r _LINE
Both apache and apache-ssl are installed.

I can't explain why this happens. The postinst script that calls 
modules-config is almost identical to that of libapache-mod-perl.


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