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(forw) [thom@planetarytramp.net: Re: Fwd: Re: compile and install dependencies to berkely db]

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* solo turn (soloturn99@yahoo.com) wrote :
> > > On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 10:18:32PM -0800, solo turn wrote:
> thanks, but what is the answer to the question? what does apache do with db, and apr? they do not
> store anything?
mod_auth_dbm for starters. APR has to link against BDB so that apache and
subversion can use it.

> i asked this cause berkely-db 4.1 is a troublesome thing with svn (there were multiple threads at
> dev@subversion.tigris.org about that), and for make svn useful it should be db40. and even the
> woody compatibility packages contain db41.
Subversion works perfectly with db4.1 for me on debian unstable.
It works perfectly for just about every other debian user that I'm aware of.
so to say "and for make svn useful it should be db40." is utter rubbish.

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