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Bug#217784: apache-common: modules-config should act silently unless something's changed

tags 217784 + pending

Hi Julian,
	unfortunatly i had the silent upgrade feature in my cvs but it
didn't made it for -4. It is in now.


On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Julian Gilbey wrote:

> Package: apache-common
> Version: 1.3.28-4
> Every time any package involving apache modules is upgraded now, using
> the modules-config script (which should anyway probably be called
> something more meaningful, as I mentioned once before, such as
> apache-modules-config), it launches debconf, even if nothing's
> changed.
> What would be a lot better, and allow for a silent upgrade, would be
> to have the script check whether either the list of modules has
> changed since the last run or whether a -f/--force-config option has
> been given, and to do nothing otherwise, except maybe to issue an
> informational message.
>    Julian

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