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Re: Can't Get Apache To Start - No Errors!

Hi Kurt,
	it sounds to me that you hitted this bug:


can you verify that this is the case or otherwise please provide us more
information as possible about your setup in order to reproduce it.


On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Kurt M. Dresner wrote:

> Up until yesterday I was a happy Apache user on Debian unstable.  But the
> other day (according to the syslog) Apache was killed for memory reasons.
>  Now it won't start!
> I run /etc/init.d/apache start, and it says all the things it used to, no
> errors, but doesn't actually start.  /var/run/apache.pid changes every
> time so I know a process is at least being started, but by the time I can
> check, it's already dead and gone.  I've checked /var/log/error.log and
> can't find anything that seems relevant in there (only the messages I get
> when Apache is starting).  I would really like to get my webserver back
> up - can someone help me?
> -Kurt

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