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Bug#210041: apache: new version has been released.

Package: apache
Severity: wishlist

1.3.28 has been released almost two months ago. It would be great if we got
it into Debian before it's released as another stable. That could also help
fix its version number in Debian.

According to <http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/Announcement.html> it fixes 3
potential security issues - some of them may be already fixed in the current
Debian apache package.

In you mention "Yes, we know there is a new upstream release",
however, it would be great if it reached Debian testing, too (so it could be
labelled as 1.3.28 in case testing gets released as stable :-) ).

BTW, how is transition to apache2 going? Any plans for PHP4 and apache2 (aka
httpd) working together?


 - Peter.

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