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Bug#207585: acknowledged by developer ()

> 	I have no idea why you opened a bug against the Debian packages
> since the lines you are talking about make no use of (qw(-xlwwa -le))
> as you can see yourself, since a couple of years atleast (i have no
> reference to this code in earlier packages). Anyway I am closing this bug
> since it does not belong to us.
> ub genseed {
>     my $psf;
>     if ($not_unix) {
>         srand (time ^ $$ or time ^ ($$ + ($$ << 15)));
>     }
>     else {
>         for (qw(xlwwa le)) {

This code is wrong, though it will function on a Debian system.
The code is supposed to try both BSD ("xlwwa") and UNIX ("-le")
ps options, choosing whichever doesn't give an error.

The original code, with "-xlwaa", would cause a warning on stderr.
The new code, with "ef", will not work on a UNIX system.

I suppose this is in your Debian package patch, but maybe
the upstream source has been broken as well. I don't have
any idea how to contact them. Please use qw(xlwwa -le) and
ensure that your upstream source is doing likewise.

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