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Bug#207585: dbmmanage uses ps incorrectly

Package: apache-common

I'm getting bug reports because this package
uses my program incorrectly. Please fix!

There's some dbmmanage program, supposedly in
this package, that has/had a bug. It's about
improper use of the ps command in the script,
causing users to see a warning message. Please
verify that the problem is gone or fix it, and
also forward this bug report to the right
upstream maintainer and other sources of code.

The code, more or less:

    my $psf;
    for (qw(-xlwwa -le)) {
        `ps $_ 2>/dev/null`;   # test option
        $psf = $_, last unless $?;
    srand ( `ps $psf | cksum` );

Variations on this code run the ps output
through gzip instead of cksum.

That qw(-xlwwa -le) line is the problem.
Linux ps parses the -xlwwa using a POSIX
parser, rejects it, discovers that it can
be handled with the "-" removed, prints a
warning, and then continues on. Please
change the qw(-xlwwa -le) to one of these:

qw(-le -xlwaa)
qw(xlwaa -le)

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