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Re: PHP4 for Apache2: when ?

yoann <debian-yoann@ifrance.com> writes:

> >  Hello,
>  Hello

> >  I know this has already been discussed here and there but I really
> >  want to know why Debian doesn't provide PHP4 for Apache2.
>  what is the reason Apache2 in debian don't support PHP4 ?

Joker :)
> >  In fact I am in a desperate need of it for my personnal use and
> >  also for my work.  So why ? I know PHP4 *IS* working pretty well in
> >  conjunction with Apache2 (i had feedback on this) but there is
> >  still nothing for us Debian user.
>  Currently, I'm using Apache2 with PHP4 but I build it from source
>  both with success.

Can you send me your configure line for php4 ? The main difficulty for
me is to have separate SO file for domxml. I have enabled the
construction of shared object but I still get a big libphp4.so which is
not what I want.


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