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Re: 1.3.27 soon?

Am Mon, 2002-10-28 um 19.45 schrieb IT - Sven Mueller:

> I have a problem I can't seem to find a solution for on the net, though I saw 
> a few other posts asking about the same question:
> I am using apache-ssl version and get the following info 
> in the errorlog (and, obviously, the server does not start):
> [Mon Oct 28 15:46:28 2002] [crit] Attempt to reinitialise SSL for server\
>  dcs-2.berndes.com
> What does this critical error mean? I am certain that I only referenced the 
> corresponding cert-file once (a certificate and key combined in one .pem 
> file, as created by ssl-certificate). I can't think of another reason for 
> this message. If this is covered in the docs, I could use a pointer to the 
> right doc because in that case, I must be blind for not seeing it. 

I am not shure, but try to move the  SSLDisable option from the main
part into the virtual host section and specify the non-ssl virtual host
with :80.

Just a guess. If that does not help, please try the apache-ssl


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