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Re: 1.3.27 soon?

Am Mon, 2002-10-28 um 14.52 schrieb Andrew Shugg:
> Willy et al,
> Apache 1.3.27 has been out for a while now and it doesn't seem to have
> sown the earth with salt: are we likely to see this appearing in
> unstable soon?  (If it's in Incoming then I've missed it.)  It will, at
> the very least, close RC bugs #163228 and #163880.  Or are there other
> issues holding it back?

I just wanted to ask the same question. Please let me know as soon as
possible when a new upload was done, so that I can make an upload for
apache-ssl too. Otherwise there will be again bug reports about not
matching apache-common and apache-ssl.


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