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Re: Bug#156081: New Information on bug

Eric Etheridge said:
> Dear Debian Apache-ssl maintainers,
> I have encountered this bug twice now, and each time the following
> things occured:
> On the same machine (Dell Optilex GXM 5166).
> While installing Debian Woody stable-compact, I selected apache-ssl
> using dselect.  During the install phase, the install for apache-ssl
> failed exactly as previously described.
> I retried a few times with the same result.
> I elected to continue on, and then once I got to the login prompt,
> I logged in as root, ran dselect, and without altering my choices ran
> [I]nstall.
> It installed fine, and works perfectly (as far as I can tell).
> I hope this clears up a few things.
> Let me know if it was helpful, that's what I'm trying for.
> Thanks,
> Eric Etheridge
> UT Austin
> Biological Sciences - Networking

It might have been the 'dpkg --configure --pending' that it needed.
Doing a 'dpkg -l|grep -v ^ii' when you're having package problems will
give you a list of any packages that are not fully installed, require
configuring, or are otherwise broken at the packaging/dependency level.


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