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Re: Apache2

* Matt Kern (matt.kern@undue.org) wrote :
> I have just installed apache2 (out of sid onto a woody based system)
> and am having a little trouble understanding the new methodology.
> I can see the advantages of all the separate configuration
> directories, but cannot see quite how everything fits together.  I
> understand the include mechanism and most of the files under
> /etc/apache2, but where are the referred to binaries addhost,
> ap2addhost and a2enhost (or whatever they are called in the files and
> postings I have read)?  I can't find anything on my system that makes
> use of the *.d directories in /etc/vhost.
> Have I caught the apache2 package in a state of extreme development?

No, you've caught the vhost system in a state of extreme unworkingness -
there was a very rough version that maybe worked a while back, but it
seriously needs a rewrite and some love.

It is however entirely workable without vhost-base; add sites and modules to
/etc/apache2/{sites,mods}-available, and enable them with a symlink into

A more suitable list for further discussion is debian-apache, and the
reply-to is set accordingly.

Thom May -> thom@debian.org

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