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Bug#135635: apache-ssl: infinate conf directories

Am Mon, 2002-08-05 um 01.59 schrieb Arne Schwabe:
> > After installing apache-ssl, I found that it made an infinate number of
> > 'conf' directories under /etc/apache-ssl/.  So, there would be
> > /etc/apache-ssl/conf/conf/conf/conf/... etc.  Server is still useable.
> Err, there is no infinate number directorys. There is only *one*
> symlink which points to the /etc/apache directory. If you *really*
> don't like this, try to persuade the maintainers to change the symlink
> to /etc/apache instead of . But I think the symlink is ok but I don't
> know why it is needed. Can someone explain that link?

Please ask the apache maintainer. Apache introduced this link.

I think it has something to do with ServerRoot pointing to /etc/apache
and apache expecting its config files in a subdir conf of ServerRoot. So
the symlink is a hack to make this work.


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