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urgent responses

Date: 31st July, 2002.
From: Mrs. Anne Kojo
Subject: Proposal

Dear Sir, with due respect and humility I write you this letter which I
believe you would be of 
great assistance for me and my children.  I got your contact address
through my husband 
commercial address book and believe that you must be a trust worthy and
reliable person that 
will not like to intimidate me or betray my trust after hearing this news.  

I am a native of Konobo in the Kerema Local District together with the
Lebanese family friend 
and business partner of  Sierra  Leone in West Africa, and the wife of
Late Dr. Hamed Kojo 
who was assassinated by the rebel forces loyal to Major John Paul Koromah
, because he was 
the Director General National Gold and Diamond Mining Corporation of
Sierra Leone.

Two Days before my husband was assassinated, he instructed me and my
children (Ibrahim and 
Amina) to move out of Sierra Leone immediately, before the powerful
(ECOMOG) force 
intervened, which eventually resulted into a civil war.  My Children and I
managed to escape 
with some valuables including photo copies of  Treasure Bills of $18
Million (Eighteen Million 
United States Dollars) which my husband deposited with a security company
in Europe using 
the name of a company owned by the late Lebanese.

Now due to our suffering here, I want to leave Togo entirely for
investment in your country 
because of a stable political situation there and mostly for the future of
my children, noted the 
unstable political and economic policies in Africa.

I want you to please assist us and claim the original copies of the
Treasure Bills from the security 
company in Europe and sale same to a Finance/discount house in U.S.A.  You
should also help 
us to source for good investment opportunities so that we can invest
wisely in your country 
having  full freedom and a future.

We have it in mind to reward you handsomely for your assistance as we have
resolved to give 
you 25% of the total sum realise from the sale of the bills.

We are refugees here and are not in any position to claim the Original
Treasure Bills except with 
the help of a partner abroad who will claim the ownership of the company
in which my husband 
secretry ordered the bills be issued in favour of before his assasination.

Please contact my son on this E-mail Address: ibrahim@inbox.lv /
<mailto:ib_kojo@yahoo.com> and Tel/Fax:  442079002816 immediately you
received this 
letter this  will enable us proceed in earnest towards retrieving the
bills and transferring of the 
fund into your account.  Your private E-mail Address, Fax and Telephone
number is needed in 
this transaction for private discussions.

Note: There is no risk involved.  We really need your help because of our
present situation here.  
Treat with utmost confidentiality.

Remain Blessed.  

Mrs. Anne Kojo.

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