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1.3.23 releases...

Upstream have released 1.3.23.  Unfortunately there is no corresponding
mod_ssl release yet.  This makes life tricky as the base Debian
package includes the EAPI support which is distributed along with
mod_ssl [1]. I've done a rough forward-port of the 1.3.22 EAPI
patch and sent it to the mod_ssl list.  I'm not prepared to release a
package containing an unofficial patch like this, so for informational
purposes only, I've placed source .orig.tar.gz and -1.diff.gz files at

The observant will notice I've only fixed one of the RC bugs.  I was
concentrating on getting 1.3.23 working.  I will fix the other 4 (and
probably some others bugs for good measure) before uploading the real

If you're sufficiently foolhardy as to build and install these packages,
please make sure you replace them with official 1.3.23-1 versions when
they are released.  This source-only release is NOT MEANT TO BE INSTALLED.
But I'm sure some of you will anyway.

Thanks, Matthew

P.S.  Did I mention you shouldn't actually use this software?  It's quite
important really.

[1] Please note that EAPI does not constitute `crypto hooks', they are
general purpose changes which benefit all modules.  As proof of this,
several of the changes in EAPI have been incorporated upstream between
1.3.22 and 1.3.23.  This apache release contains no cryptographic code.

Revolutions do not require corporate support.

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