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apache 1.3.22-6 uploaded

Hey, I just put 1.3.22-6 in incoming.  This brings us down to only 80
bugs; 7 important, 42 normal.  I'm not going to paste the whole interdiff
here (if you want it, you can get it yourself...), but here's the entry
for debian/changelog:

apache (1.3.22-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * The "Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this" release.
  * Exclude suexec from dh_fixperm.  Closes: #126706 #127605 #127323
  * Depend on a sufficiently recent version of logrotate to support
    sharedscripts.  Closes: #124339
  * Split out mod_auth_mysql & mod_auth_pgsql into separate packages.
    Closes: #78670 #88338 #116650 #118843
  * Rewrite init script to use start-stop-daemon instead of using
    apachectl.  Closes: #126743 #126827 #128909
  * Forward-port suexec changes to 1.3.22 rather than replace 1.3.22's
    suexec with a patched one from 1.3.9.
  * Add a wildcard match for SSL_* to suexec's acceptable variables for
    the benefit of mod_ssl users.  Closes: #40226
  * Update debian/copyright with the Apache Software Licence.  Add
    the names of some contributors.  Update acknowledgement text.
  * Add patch from Apache PR#8334 to eliminate one potential cause of
    segmentation faults.  Closes: #117471
  * Add patch from Apache CVS to revert mod_negotiation behaviour to
    that of 1.3.20.  Closes: #122806
  * Patch courtesy of Steve Stock <steve@technolope.org> to apacheconfig
    to read all config files, including those mentioned through the Include
    directive.  Closes: #12094 #59998 #105820 #129372
  * Add note to README.Debian about default logfile permissions.
  * Remove old /etc/cron.daily/apache and /etc/apache/cron.conf if they
    exist.  Also remove cron.conf example and references in apacheconfig.
    Closes: #129742
  * Add delaycompress to logrotate file (fixes part of #128148).
  * Lintian cleanups.  Closes: #92882
    - Change apache-common control from Replaces: apache to
      Replaces: apache (<= 1.3.1-1).
    - Change /usr/share/doc/apache/icons symlink to point to
      ../../../apache/icons instead of /usr/share/apache/icons.
    - Add overrides for suexec and apache.dbg
    - Change permissions on apaci to 644
    - Remove /usr/share/doc/apache/manual/LICENSE
    - Remove /usr/share/doc/apache/INSTALL.gz

 -- Matthew Wilcox <willy@debian.org>  Tue, 22 Jan 2002 09:23:20 -0700

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