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Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 updated (r4)

The Debian Project                                http://www.debian.org/
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 updated (r4)                       press@debian.org
January 1st, 2005               http://www.debian.org/News/2005/20050101

Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 updated (r4)

This is the fourth update of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (codename `woody')
which mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with a
few corrections to serious problems.  Those who frequently update from
security.debian.org won't have to update many packages and most
updates from security.debian.org are included in this update.

Please note that this update does not produce a new version of Debian
GNU/Linux 3.0 but only adds a few updated packages to it.  There is no
need to throw away 3.0 CDs but only to update against ftp.debian.org
after an installation, in order to incorporate those late changes.

Upgrading to this revision online is usually done by pointing the
`apt' package tool (see the sources.list(5) manual page) to one of
Debian's many FTP or HTTP mirrors.  A comprehensive list of mirrors is
available at:


Please note that packages from non-US.debian.org are currently only
available on its mirrors due to the problems the project has encountered
on the host klecker.

Security Updates

This revision adds the following security updates to the stable release.
The Security Team has already released an advisory for each of these

Debian Security Advisory ID    Package(s)

        DSA 307                gps
        DSA 310                xaos
        DSA 335                mantis
        DSA 359                atari800
        DSA 391                freesweep
        DSA 417                linux-kernel-2.4.18
        DSA 426                netpbm-free
        DSA 438                linux-kernel-2.4.18
        DSA 442                linux-kernel-2.4.17
        DSA 472                fte
        DSA 473                oftpd
        DSA 479                linux-kernel-2.4.18
        DSA 482                linux-kernel-2.4.17
        DSA 524                rlpr
        DSA 530                l2tpd
        DSA 547                imagemagick
        DSA 567                tiff
        DSA 574                cabextract
        DSA 575                catdoc
        DSA 576                squid
        DSA 577                postgresql
        DSA 578                mpg123
        DSA 579                abiword
        DSA 580                iptables
        DSA 581                xpdf
        DSA 582                libxml1
        DSA 582                libxml2
        DSA 583                lvm10
        DSA 584                dhcp
        DSA 585                shadow
        DSA 586                ruby
        DSA 587                freeamp
        DSA 588                gzip
        DSA 590                gnats
        DSA 591                libgd2
        DSA 592                ez-ipupdate
        DSA 593                imagemagick
        DSA 594                apache
        DSA 595                bnc
        DSA 596                sudo
        DSA 597                cyrus-imapd
        DSA 598                yardradius
        DSA 599                tetex-bin
        DSA 602                libgd2
        DSA 603                openssl
        DSA 604                hpsockd
        DSA 605                viewcvs
        DSA 606                nfs-utils
        DSA 607                xfree86
        DSA 608                zgv
        DSA 609                atari800
        DSA 610                cscope
        DSA 611                htget
        DSA 612                a2ps
        DSA 613                ethereal
        DSA 614                xzgv
        DSA 615                debmake
        DSA 616                netkit-telnet-ssl
        DSA 617                tiff
        DSA 618                imlib

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

This revision adds important corrections to the following packages.
Most of them don't affect the security of the system, but may affect
data integrity.

    libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl       Dependency correction

The complete list of all accepted and rejected packages together with
rationale is on the preparation page for this revision:



The complete lists of packages that have changed with this revision:


The current stable distribution:


Proposed updates to the stable distribution:


Stable distribution information (release notes, errata etc.):


Security announcements and information:


About Debian

The Debian Project is an organization of free software developers who
volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the completely
free operating systems Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/Hurd.

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For further information, please visit the Debian web pages at
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