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Second official Test Cycle for Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 scheduled

The Debian Project                                      press@debian.org
http://www.debian.org/                                    Martin Schulze
May 23, 2000

The next step to release `potato' alias Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 will be
taken soon.  On Wednesday, May 24th, the first official Test Cycle[1]
ends.  During the next days after the end packages scheduled for
installation will be installed and packages with release critical bugs
will be purged.

Special attention has to be taken for packages whose bugs don't appear
in `potato' but only in `woody'.  This is also a request for
developers to review the list of release critical bugs[2] and mark
them properly.  The `woody' distribution is the successor of `potato'
and currently tagged `unstable'.  It is already being actively

"The first test cycle flushed out some coordination problems", says
Richard Braakman, current Release-Manager for the Debian Project. "We
hope that the next cycle will be a more thorough test of the
distribution itself."

On Monday, May 29th, the next test cycle will start.  During the next
days after Monday boot-floppies and cd images will stabilize and
demonstrate the high quality of the distribution.

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The Debian project is an organization of many users who volunteer
their time and effort.  Its tasks include maintaining and updating Debian
GNU/Linux which is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system,
and the development of the Debian GNU/Hurd operating system.

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[1] http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-announce-00/msg00005.html

[2] List of release critical bugs http://master.debian.org/~wakkerma/bugs/

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