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New mailing list debian-commercial created

Debian Project
New mailing list debian-commercial created
February 26, 1999

>> News

A new mailing list <debian-commercial@lists.debian.org> has been created. 
This is a moderated list that is intended to let vendors and distributors 
of Debian related materials publish their product announcements.  Non 
Debian related announcements will not be posted to this list.  Please send 
submissions to the moderator at <press@debian.org>.

Please note that posting commercial posts to any other Debian mailing list 
is not permitted.

>> Subscription

To subscribe, please visit the Debian mailing list subscription page 
<http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe> or send mail to 
<debian-commercial-request@lists.debian.org> with the single word 
'subscribe' in the message body.

>> About Debian

The Debian project is an organization of many users who volunteer 
their time and effort.  Its tasks include maintaining and updating Debian 
GNU/Linux which is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system, 
and the development of the Debian GNU/Hurd operating system.

>> Contact Information 

For further information, please send email to the Debian Press Contact 
<press@debian.org> or visit the Debian homepage at <http://www.debian.org/>

Nils Lohner				E-Mail: lohner@debian.org
Debian Press Contact                    Press:  press@debian.org

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