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ITN: Debian: Live at the BBC?

Debian GNU/Linux In The News
Debian: Live at the BBC?
August 17, 1998

  Well, maybe not quite live... but we are included in the picture with 
Chris Nuttall's article 'Newsgathering on the Net' which can be found at 

 Newsgathering on the Net.
 By Internet Correspondent Chris Nuttall 
  As a foreign correspondent, I was always inspired by the quote that people 
like us were "writing the first draft of history." Now I am an Internet 
correspondent, I have been deservedly humbled by the realisation that even 
the most crafted online pieces really only amount to the first draft of a 

   Several examples in the past week show that while the Internet can be the 
source of unfounded rumours and ill-researched stories, it can also repair 
any such damage, in the end creating something more solid and substantial 
than is possible in any other medium.

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