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ITN: The Next Millennium Headache

 Debian GNU/Linux In The News
 The Next Millennium Headache (or: Y2.038K Compliance)
 August 13, 1998

  Debian GNU/Linux has been mentioned in the Wired News section. Michael 
Stutz wrote an article entitled _The Next Millennium Headache_ which can be 
found at <http://www.wired.com/news/news/technology/story/14390.html>

 The Next Millennium Headache
 by Michael Stutz 

 Sometime in the future, the day and date settings deep inside millions of 
computers will roll over to a value that the machines don't understand. The 
likely upshot: system crashes in critical systems such as air traffic 
control and banking.

 But don't panic -- we still have almost 40 years to deal with it. 

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