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New SPI Officers Chosen

 Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
 New Officers Chosen
 August 7, 1998

>> News

  SPI has chosen it's new officers for the current term.

  Ian Jackson (former Vice President) will now be the president of SPI.  
Martin Schulze has ben named vice president, Dale Scheetz has been named 
Secretary, and Nils Lohner is the new Treasurer.

  The new Board of Directors will look as follows:

   President:       Ian Jackson
   Vice President:  Martin Schulze
   Secretary:       Dale Scheetz
   Treasurer:       Nils Lohner

  Bruce Perens (former President), Ian Murdock (former Secretary) and Tim 
Sailor (former Treasurer) have decided to pursue other interests in the 
field of free software.

>> About SPI

SPI is a non-profit organization which was founded to help organizations 
develop and distribute Open Source software.  We encourage programmers to 
use the GNU General Public License or other licenses that allow free 
redistribution and use of software.

Open Source is a Registered Certification Mark of SPI.

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