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Debian Book Published

Dear Debian Users,

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Linux Press has announced the publication of a book about Debian. If there's
a Borders bookstore in your neighborhood, I suggest you run there and
reserve a copy! You might also find one at your local computer store, or
wherever you've previously purchased Linux CDs.

The publisher is providing an HTML version of the book that you can view
or print for your personal use. Details are below.

	Many Thanks

	Bruce Perens
	Debian Project Leader

                       The Debian Linux User's Guide

October 18, 1997
For Public Release

Linux Press announces The Debian Linux User's Guide.

This newly released product is the first major effort at providing
a commercial version of Debian GNU/Linux.  Linux Press has seen that
Debian GNU/Linux has been well received for good reason by the Linux
community.  Linux Press felt Debian GNU/Linux could be further enhanced
by providing comprehensive documentation and technical support.

The result is The Debian Linux User's Guide, which includes the following:

     250 Page Book titled "The Debian Linux User's Guide"
     2 CD-ROM Debian "Official" GNU/Linux 1.3.1 Set
     1 CD-ROM with a customized version of Debian 1.3.1
     30 Days of E-mail Technical Support

-  -------------------
Here is a summary of what areas are addressed with this book:

    Floppy Installation
    CD-ROM Installation
    FTP Installation
  X11 Installation
    ppp configuration
  Compiling the Kernel
    Building the Kernel
  Common UNIX Commands
  Text Editors
  The Loop Device
  Multiple OS Installation
  Building Packages Files
  Linux as a Server
  Drop in Debian
  What is Free Software
-   --------------------
The price of this package is $37.95.  Orders can be placed the following

  Toll Free in the US ------> 888-770-4330
  International Ordering ---> 707-773-4916
  Via FAX ------------------> 707-765-1431
  Via E-mail ---------------> sales@linuxpress.com (available Oct. 27)
  Via secured web page -----> http://www.linuxpress.com (available Oct. 27)
  Via snail mail -----------> See our mailing address at the end.
Shipping and handling charges for 2-Day service in the U.S. is $9.00
International Shipping and handling charges for U.S. Airmail is $9.00

-   ------------
This product is currently available and shipping from Linux Press.  If
you have a Borders bookstore in your area, check with them.  You can also
check with your favorite Linux reseller as most are stocking this item.

-   --------------------
Linux Press is offering an HTML version of The Debian Linux User's Guide
at www.linuxpress.com  You are free to print and use this valuable
document for your personal use.  Links are included for both the Table of
Contents and the Index.  The complete book is included online.  We are
currently updating the HTML document to make it even more user friendly.

-   --------------------
Linux Press
Phone Number: (707) 773-4916
         FAX: (707) 765-1431
      E-mail:  sales@linuxpress.com
 Web Address:  http://www.linuxpress.com
Mail Address:  Linux Press
               P.O. Box 220
               Penngrove, CA 94951
Frank Kasper and Associates
Phone Number: (612) 942-0566
         FAX: (612) 942-5039
 Web Address:  http://www.kasper-cdrom.com
Mail Address:  Frank Kasper & Associates, Inc.
               7351 Washington Ave. So.
               Edina, MN 55439

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