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German Language Debian Mailing List

There is a new Debian specific mailing list for the GERMAN-SPEAKING part
of the Debian community: debian-user-de .

It is form the German bookstore and Debian CD seller J.F. Lehmanns
( http://www.lob.de ).

To subscribe send a message to majordomo@jfl.de with
subscribe debian-user-de <your_email_address>
in the body.

Further information can be found under
http://www2.Germany.EU.net/shop/JFL/linux/eintrag.html .
If your have trouble with this list send a mail to Jan.Otto@jfl.de .

Andreas Simon
E-mail: {ansi0007@stud, asimon@{studcs, ps}}.uni-sb.de

TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS MAILING LIST: e-mail the word "unsubscribe" to
debian-announce-request@lists.debian.org . 
Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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