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Debian talks in San Francisco, Aachen Germany, New York? Nova Scotia?

The San Francisco Linux Users group will meet on Thursday 7/17/97 at the
"Four Seas" in San Francisco Chinatown, 731 Grant St, SF CA. Dinner
($10.00 - huge/family style) at 7:00 PM and meeting after. I'll be there,
and will give a short talk on Debian. RSVP to Arthur Tyde aftyde@ccnet.com .

I'll be speaking in Aachen Germany at the Individual Network convention
September 26th and 27th, see http://www.individual.net/conference/

I'm planning to visit New York and possibly touring Nova Scotia in the near
future, and would like to hear from Linux groups in those areas who would host
a talk.


	Bruce Perens
	Debian Project Leader
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