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Debian 1.3 _RELEASE_CANDIDATE_ Available

The Debian 1.3 _Release_Candidate_ is now available on most of our 74
FTP mirror sites in the "frozen" directory. We feel we've achieved the
major goal of this release - _stability_.  The release has been under
extensive beta-testing for the past six weeks, and alpha-testing for
several months before that. This system is now of release-able quality.
Please feel free to upgrade your system or install new systems using
the "frozen" distribution. If no serious problems appear in the next
week-and-a-half, the existing package set will become Debian 1.3 on
Monday, June 2.

To find a Debian mirror near you, read
http://www.debian.org/ftplist.html , or download the file
/debian/README.mirrors from ftp.debian.org . The release candidate is
in the "frozen" directory, under the Debian archive on the mirror
site.  To check that your mirror site is up-to-date, read the file
"timestamp.txt" in the Debian archive. The date and time in that file
are those of the latest update to our master FTP archive that would
have reached your mirror system.


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