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Debian Board of Directors Elected

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The Debian GNU/Linux developers have elected a board of directors for
the project's non-profit organization "Software in the Public Interest":

	Ian Jackson
	Dale Scheetz
	Dan Quinlan
	Sven Rudolph
	Brian White
	Bruce Perens
	Christophe Lameter
	Ian Murdock

This election relieves me of the (often quite awkward) position of being
the only person with any real authority over Debian. However, I continue
as a member of the board and incumbent project leader.

It's critical that we establish a leadership team for Debian that can
survive the departure of any team member. The election of a board has
been a big step in that direction. The board will select the project
officers. I am running for project leader for one more one-year term.


	Bruce Perens

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