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Re: Debian 1.1 Beta Test Download Instructions

> I set up a 2nd machine (llug2.sep.bnl.gov) to offload some of the 
> traffic from sun10.sep.bnl.gov.

Thanks, Tim!

> Since 0900 today, there have been almost 1000 ftp connections to this
> machine.

Sorry about the storm. Crosslink is mirroring you and I'm going to announce
their mirror as being available later on as well. I even suggested to Matt
that he get the critical files from your system since he still can't reach
"master". I want to wring his neck, but that's another issue. I'm also wiring
other systems around ftp.debian.org .

> so should be ready to accept ftp sessions by 1600 EDT.

OK. I'll check it later and make a mirror announcement this afternoon.



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