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Heads-up notice for Debian 1.1 Beta test.

You are getting this mail because you subscribed to the debian-announce
mailing list. If you do not wish to hear about the Debian Linux operating
system release, please send an e-mail message containing the word
"unsubscribe" to debian-announce-REQUEST@lists.debian.org . There will
be several announcements posted to this list over the next week.

We have been beta-testing the 1.1 ELF release with our active user
community (those who are reading debian-user@lists.debian.org) for
several weeks. In a few days, we will widen the beta-test to the entire
Internet. If you are interested in participating in this beta-test, you
might want to start mirroring ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/unstable/ ,
so that you have the beta-test files on hand when the announcement is
released. If you plan to run a permanent mirror, please contact Matt
Bailey <mbailey@cps.cmich.edu> for a mirror log-in. If you are a CD
manufacturer, please wait for the software to go from beta to released
status before you include it on your CD.

The new Debian release can be favorably compared to very best of
commercial Linux distributions. Debian is a non-profit organization
dedicated to free software. Any person or organization can participate
as a peer with all other developers. There is no fee or consortium
membership required.

Please watch this space for the beta-test announcement. In addition,
you can get in-sync with the Debian community by watching our mailing
lists. Send an e-mail message containing the word "subscribe" to the
addresses below:

        Very low-traffic list of major announcements.

        Very high-traffic list of user questions and answers.

        Change announcements of debian packages. Can have several messages
        per day.

Archives of these mailing lists are accessable via our web site
http://www.debian.org/ .

        Many Thanks

        Bruce Perens
        Project Leader, Debian.

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