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My role in the Project

Between my classes and my job at the University, I've been so busy
lately that I've barely had time to be involved in the Project, let
alone be an effective leader of it.  Because of this, I'm lessening
my role in the Project and stepping down as its leader.

Bruce Perens, who has been involved in the Project since 1993 and
the maintainer of the base system since last summer, will now have
the authority to make final decisions for the Project.  Bruce has
announced his intention to delegate authority over various aspects
of the Project to "middle managers", people like Ian Jackson, Bdale
Garbee, and many others.  He and the people he delegates will assume
the role of leaders of the Project.  I will stay on as a Debian user
and "leader emeritus" when advice is needed.

Before I turn the floor over to the new leadership, however, I'd like
to thank everyone who has been involved in the Project over the years.
It has certainly been a great experience.

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